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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Removal of Outstanding HPD Violations (Mold+Lead)

If you received a violation notice from NYC Department of Housing, Preservation & Development (HPD) for Mold or Lead Paint Hazard, Sully is here to assist you with clearing it. With over 5,000 HPD violations cleared, our team is dedicated to help you clear any outstanding Environmental Violations to ensure compliance with Housing Codes & avoid Civil Penalties.



Sully Construction is a leading Certified Mold Remediation Firm. With over 500 Mold Remediation projects completed in the last year, we are committed to ensuring the safe removal of Mold. We, over at Sully have built a seamless reputation for utilizing the most effective and eco-friendly techniques & products while maintaining high quality & cost efficiency for all of our clients. All of our Mold Remediation projects exceed Industry Standards which enabled us to be a leader in the industry for Mold Remediation here in NYC.

Lead Paint

Under all the layers of Paint in structures built prior to 1978 there is Lead Paint present.  Overtime, the paint begins to deteriorate and chip. This is where it becomes a Lead Paint Hazard and a serious health issue for all occupants of the structure. With over 1,000 Lead Abatement Projects completed to date, Sully is prepared to assist you with your Lead Abatement project. Whether it be a small rental property, your personal home or a building you own and/or manage, We are here to ensure your Lead Paint Hazards are properly & safely remedied.

Lead Paint


Asbestos is the ultimate Environmental Hazard which is present in all structures built in the 1900's. At the time, it was used widely used as it was fireproof building material. However, Asbestos poses many health risks for those who have been exposed. The removal of such material is known to be a tedious process as there are many factors which go into it which includes but not limited to the Filing Mobilization, Containment, Removal, Air Monitoring (Third Party) and proper disposal of the Asbestos Waste. However, We, over at Sully Construction have a team of Licensed professionals who are at the forefront ready to assist you with the safe and diligent removal of Asbestos.

Environmental Testing

While Sully Construction does not do testing, we have a list of reputable Testing Firms which we have crossed paths with in the industry who can provide you with time & cost efficient testing services.

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